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about me


Hi! My name is Nici Bissonnette & I’m a graphic designer.

I approach projects strategically, with concept based design for print, web, and mobile. I work hard and efficiently, while maintaining immaculate organization. I bring enthusiasm and positive energy to every endeavor, and strive for excellence. I enjoy working with a creative team and individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. I am all ways interested in different points of view and ideas.
Outside of work, I enjoy researching design trends and developments in technology. Being aware of different cultural zeitgeists is very important to me, I like to stay informed, seeking out individuals with different perspectives and strive to understand them. I also love the outdoors, health, cooking, DIY projects, and my boxer, Bjorne.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback, or just to say "Hello." Thank you for your visit!

  • Phone: 206.818.9993
  • Email:nici.bissonnette@gmail.com